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The Benefits of Window Tinting

Auto window tinting offers many benefits for drivers in Chandler, Gilbert, and throughout Arizona. A reliable tint blocks out UV rays, lowers the temperature of your car’s interiors, and offers effective privacy while you drive. Our window tints are made to order and guaranteed!

Our Services & Offers


Ceramic Tint

Revel in unparalleled style and comfort with Ceramic Pro ceramic window tint. Fully loaded for lasting beauty and optimal connectivity, our ceramic window tint is entirely metal free and allows you to connect to all your electronic devices without signal interference. Engineered with the same features as our metallized model, Cerami Pro ceramic tint is built for scratch resistance, UV and heat protection, and comes in a variety of charcoal shades, plus nano-ceramic technology.


Infrared Rejection Tint

Enjoy the superior comfort and protection of Cermaic Pro Infrared Rejection Tints. Like other Cermaic Pro tints, our Infrared Rejection Tints block 99 percent of UV rays to ensure maximum protection from harmful light rays. The additional infrared protection from our ceramic technology will maximize your comfort, no matter the shade. Infrared Rejection Tints are your best option for privacy, comfort, and protection when you ride in your car or truck. No matter your shade preference, each tint will resist scratches, reduce glare, and block 99 percent of UV rays, protecting you and your car from the damaging effects of the sun. Your vehicle’s interior will last longer and be safer from damaging sunlight.



Paint Protection

Rest easy knowing your auto paint is protected by a layer of Cermaic Pro protection film. You won’t have to stress about stray debris nicking or scratching your car when you install Paint Protection Film or Platinum Paint Protection. Both products come with warranties, and you can count on our products to safeguard your car against the elements.


Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings offer superior protection over traditional waxes and sealants in all areas, including UV protection, scratch resistance, and shine. While most protective coatings have a hardness rating of 2H or 4H, Ceramic Pro® coatings are rated above 9H once completely cured. Ceramic Pro coatings will simplify cleaning and maintaining your car, as water, dust, and grime can be easily removed with water and mild soap. Ceramic coatings will prevent contaminants from sticking to the paint surface or causing damage.

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